2014 Chevrolet SS Debuts at Daytona

Chevrolet has unveiled their 2014 SS at Dayton. This sporty sedan is the first rear wheel drive vehicle that Chevrolet has released in 17 years. The vehicle was displayed to NASCAR fans as part of a showing in the fan zone infield. The Chevrolet SS is part of new series of body styles of NASCAR vehicles, ones that are designed to look more like their road worthy counterparts. This means that the cars that recently debut at Dayton can also be made road worthy and sold on the open market to consumers. The new SS is will be available to consumers beginning in the late fall.


This sporty vehicle is an update of the Pontiac G8. Designed in Germany, and to be built in Australia, the car features a six speed automatic transmission. There is no word yet as to whether or not a manual option will be available. The car also features a sports tuned chassis, electronic power steering, and a 50/50 weight distribution. With these features, the Chevrolet SS is sure to be a car to beat on the racetrack.

The car also has lots of exciting features designed for the comfort of a driver. The car has a state of the art Bose speakers system with nine speakers. These speakers are perfect for music lovers. It also has a keyless entry system and a push button start mechanism.This means that you will no longer have to waste any time worrying about lost keys.The Chevrolet SS also comes with an automatic parking assist, which makes parking in tight spaces much simpler and easier.

This vehicle is an exciting new addition to the Chevrolet family of vehicles. When the consumer model finally comes out later this year, any automobile enthusiast will be clamoring to own one. Auto enthusiasts will be lining up to buy this car when it finally comes to Atlanta car dealers. With its sporting design and state of the art features, this car is going to be a hit.

When the car hits your Atlanta Chevy dealer it is sure to fly out of the lot. All of these impressive feature make it one of the years most exciting and anticipated new cars. Don’t miss out on this new exciting car. Check out this impressive new vehicle at your local dealer when it comes to their showroom, or check it out at one of the many NASCAR races and auto shows it is scheduled to appear at this year.

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