2015 Corvette Z06

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There hasn’t been a vehicle more highly anticipated than the 2015 Corvette Stingray Z06. This car has more speed, looks and aerodynamics than ever before. This new version of the beloved Corvette has a supercharged 6.2L V8 engine which pumps out at least 625 horsepower and 635 pounds of torque. These advances almost throw this new coupe into supercar territory.

A few of the new engineering specs of this car include a lightweight yet rigid aluminum frame, removable carbon-fiber roof paneling and a carbon-fiber hood. The 2015 model year Corvette is one of only a few supercars to achieve over 600 horsepower. It also comes with two transmission options, a seven-speed manual and an eight-speed automatic with paddle-shifter.

Every aspect of the new look of the car was designed with intended purpose. For instance, the wider fenders were designed for the larger tires and wheels which are better for gripping the road. Even the vents on the front of the vehicle were designed to increase the air flow to the inside components to help cool the engine, transmission and other sensitive items.

The interior of the new Corvette Z06 is highly focused on the driver’s needs. The flat-bottom steering wheel provides more room while driving and there are two different types of seats available in this car. You can get the regular GT version that has all around comfort and support or the competition sport seat which has more side bolstering for track racing. The inside is still wrapped in either Napa leather, suede microfiber, aluminum or carbon fiber.

Of course this car would not be as useful if it didn’t have different driving modes. There are five driving modes which include Eco, Weather, Sport, Tour and Track. Each have 12 customizable performance variables to choose from to match your driving terrain. One of the most intriguing features this car entails is the Performance Data Recorder. With this, you can record, analyze and share your driving experiences. You can save these records by means of an SD memory card which is stored in the glove compartment.

More of the features of this amazing supercar will be revealed closer to its release in the beginning of 2015. Keep checking with your Newnan car dealer for more information. For other great vehicles, visit SouthTowne Motors and browse our wide selection.

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