2015 GMC Canyon

Never before has GMC manufactured a truck as cunning edge and powerful yet small in size as the newest member of their armada. The 2015 GMC Canyon gives you the power and drive of a larger truck yet the handling and technology features of something similar to an SUV. The new 2015 GMC Canyon will be available in both two door and four door cab configurations.

The Canyon will also come fully equipped with tons of technology features like no other truck on the market. Such features to look forward to are GMC’s IntelliLink as well as the OnStar communications system, a 3.4 inch information touch screen on the dash, Bluetooth capabilities, turn-by-turn navigation, voice recognition, Forward Collision Alert and a review camera. It will also offer the newest in 4G LTE cellular connectivity options making this truck a traveling Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Signature style of the all-new 2015 Canyon small pickup truck

Now that we have you excited about the awesome features inside the cabin, let’s talk about how much power is behind the new 2015 GMC Canyon. Consumers will have a few options to consider. The first being a standard 2.5L 4 cylinder which will produce 193 horsepower and right around 184 pounds of torque. The second option will give you more power from a 3.6L V6 and will push 302 horsepower and 270 pounds of torque. A third option to take into consideration is a diesel engine. Specifically, a 2.8L Duramax turbo diesel pushing out 200 horsepower with 368 pounds of torque. If you need power, this one would be the one for you.

This stunning truck will be available in an extended cab with a 6-foot bed or as a crew cab in both 5 and 6 foot bed length. There are a slew of other great features included in this truck. You can’t go wrong with the added EZ-Lift and Lower tailgate, automatic climate control, active aero grille shutters and projector-beam headlamps with LED lighting. We mentioned before about the Forward Collision Alert safety feature. There are others as well to keep you and you loved ones safe such as the Automatic Crash Response and Lane Departure Warning.

If you are ready for an amazing truck, come test drive the 2015 GMC Canyon at SouthTowne Motors. We look forward to seeing you.

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