4 Simple Tips for Improving Your MPG

Some people have weird ways of saving gas, like putting the car in neutral, or even turning it off, when going down a hill. As a general rule, if a trick seems too stupid to possibly be doing much good, then it’s probably too stupid to possible be doing much good. You can improvey our MPG with a lot of simple, easy tricks that won’t run down your engine or have you driving unsafely just to save a dollar on gas here and there:

Clean Your Engine

There are all sorts of products on the market for engine cleaner that you can put into your tank before your next fill up so that it can circulate and clean out a lot of the gunk that gets gummed up in your engine. Invest in a bottle of this every few thousand miles or so and you’ll be able to get that much more out of every gallon.

Change Your Oil

Stop putting it off. The longer you go between oil changes, the less efficient your car is going to run, and the more money you’re going to be spending on gas to keep it moving, so don’t slack, change your oil as recommended. Perhaps more importantly, when you drive off of that Atlanta Buick dealer with a brand new car, you don’t want to ruin it in the first year of ownership, so take care of it.

Clean Out Your Trunk

You might not think that that busted tire that you haven’t gotten around to throwing away is doing much damage, or those cinder blocks you’re saving to build a barbecue pit, or the dozens of phone books that you’re driving around for who knows what reason, but you might have anywhere from a few to a few hundred pounds of useless junk in your trunk. Take the time to clean it out and you’ll see an immediate improvement in your MPG.

Change Your Driving Habits

Finally, you can make a big dent in your MPG by just changing your driving habits up a bit. Keep an even speed going on the highway, let your car warm up when it’s cold out before you take off, and take your time when you accelerate and you’ll be able to get more out of every gallon.

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