Accessorize Your Ride For Spring


When it’s time to accessorize your new vehicle from SouthTowne Motors of Newnan, Georgia for the spring, you’ll want to get some much-needed accessories to protect your floors, such a floor mats, and some accessories that will help you with fun time in the spring.

Rubber Floor Mats

Spring brings a plethora of weather including rain, snow and sleet; and that could mean mud. You might have nice carpeted floor mats, but mud gets ground into them and then into the carpet below the floor mats. Get some rubber floor mats for the times you have inclement weather. You can use them when it’s going to be nasty out, and then remove them when the weather is nice. You’ll save a bunch of time on cleaning the interior; and your carpeted floor mats will last much longer.

Hood Protectors

With spring comes the bugs. And sometimes tons of bugs. If you are traveling in an area with love bugs, they make more of a mess of your vehicle than other bugs because they are so plentiful. And, if you travel on gravel roads, there’s always a chance that gravel could get kicked up on to the hood of the vehicle. Add a molded hood protector to your vehicle to protect the front of the hood from bugs and gravel or other debris that gets kicked up from the roadways.

Cargo Management

Whether you carry a few things in the cargo area or you prefer outdoor activities such as biking or water skiing, cargo management accessories will help you keep everything in order. Nets, cargo management dividers and boxes, and even roof rails with the appropriate gear such as a bike rack or ski rack make your vehicle more utilitarian. A cargo box on the roof gives you plenty of room to pack hiking and camping gear.

Visit SouthTowne Motors

Stop by SouthTowne Motors of Newnan, Georgia to pick up any accessories you need to keep your vehicle in good shape during the spring or accessories that will help you have more fun in the spring.

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