Alternative Fuel Vehicles


Today, there are many alternative fuel cars in Atlanta on the road. These include electric, hybrid, natural gas, ethanol, hydrogen and more. Many car manufactures like Cadillac and Buick are embracing the technology of alternative fuel cars in Newnan car dealerships. Buyers can find alternative fuel cars in both new and used cars.

With new battery technology, electric cars today can travel further at high speeds on highways. Lithium-ion batteries allows the car to charge faster and last longer. The Tesla Roadster and Chevy Volt use this technology. As a matter of fact, the Chevy Volt uses these types of batteries along with its internal combustion engine. Batteries can even be charged in a regular wall outlet.

Natural gas fueled cars allow car owners to fuel up from a home fuel line. These fueled cars are less expensive and environmentally cleaner than using gasoline. The Honda Civic GS runs on compressed natural gas. Lots of car dealers in Newnan GA offer cars with flex-fuel engines that run on E85 ethanol. It’s a blend that’s 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. Ethanol is an effective way to decrease America’s reliance on foreign oil.

Atlanta dealers also feature hydrogen-powered cars. Unlike the harmful CO2 emissions produced by gasoline, hydrogen cars only produce water vapor. Hydrogen-powered cars use a fuel cell of hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity. An example of this technology is seen in the Honda FCX Clarity. Hybrid-electric cars utilize gasoline engines and electric motors. Car owners can get improved fuel economy along with increased power from hybrid-electric cars.

Car buyers can find new and used cars at a dealer in Atlanta that offers alternative fuel cars like Southtowne. Southtowne Motors also offers special deals on alternative fuel cars like Cadillac. Be sure to check out their inventory for the best deal.

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