Planning the Perfect Picnic


Picnics can be entertaining and lots of fun for the whole family. They are a great way to come together as a family to eat delicious food and to bond over conversation and to make memories. It doesn’t take a lot to plan your own picnic. You can even throw a great picnic at your local park. Here are a few tips from your Newnan car dealership for a successful gathering.

Start by selecting a good weekend to have your picnic since weekends are usually best for most people. Try to plan your picnic on a warm summer day. Mark it down on your calendar and make invitations. Invite your family, friends and neighbors to come. The more people you have coming, the more fun it’s likely to become. Many parks offer places to have group picnics as well as group activities.

When making your invitations, be sure to include the time, date, and location. You can also request that each person bring an item to the picnic such as food or party supplies. This helps reduce the stress and shares the responsibilities with others. Have each person bring a picnic basket of their own goods to the event. It will turn into a picnic basket blowout. Decide what you want to have and what you will be bringing.

When setting up your picnic, here are a few things to keep in mind. Be sure to have available trashcans for easy disposal of trash. Remember to place a checkered or other festive tablecloth over the tables for fast clean up while adding a decorative touch. Bring citronella candles or torches to help repel bugs. Your party guests will thank you for this. Also, plastic is your best friend at any picnic. Think plastic or paper plates, cups and utensils for easy clean up.

Don’t forget about the entertainment. Music sets the mood for any good picnic along with games. Here are some easy games or activities you can host. Give outdoor twister a go or enjoy participating in a watermelon eating competition. There is the classic egg and spoon race but instead of using raw eggs use hard boiled eggs. This makes for a mess free cleanup if the egg drops. All you have to do now is remember to have the camera on hand. Now, you’re ready for an unforgettable picnic. Enjoy, from SouthTowne Motors.

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