Atlanta Cars Are Getting More Miles Per Gallon, But How?

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Over the past 4 years, we’ve seen fuel prices skyrocket, yet for the most part the fuel consumption of our vehicle has nominally decreased. There is still an imbalance in regards to the gallons used vs. miles driven. It will catch up one day, certainly, or our modern vehicles will simple become too expensive to drive. So how do we get more miles per dollar? The performance of a new car is always related to the amount of fuel consumed by it. However, a new car’s performance can be increased in certain ways without negatively effecting the gas mileage of a car. Given below are few tips from

Performance chips: Computer chips that operate most new cars these days keep track of how much horsepower and torque can be displaced. Using performance chips or recalibrating the current chip used in a car can help in increasing the torque and horsepower to a great extent.

Cold air Intake: Power of a car engine can be increased if the temperature of the air that enters the car can be reduced. An under the hood modification in the form of cold air intake can help in this. Such an enhancement also beautifies the engine bay by making it colorful and attractive. Such a unit will also make an appealing sound.

Reusable air filters: Throughout the life of most of the cars, about 6 to 12 auto air filters are used without facing any problem, but when not in use most of them end up at the landfills for waste materials. Even though reusable air filters cost thrice as much as normal air filters, they are washable and last much longer than the regular ones. In fact, when you buy a reusable air filter for your car, it is actually the last one you will be ever buying for it. These air filters help you to increase acceleration and horsepower, besides having a very positive impact on the environment.

Performance exhaust systems: Another way to unleash horsepower, trapped up torque, and improve the overall automotive performance is by using “catalyst-back exhaust systems” (cat-back) for cars. Such a system installed in a car reduces exhaust back pressure by using low restriction performance mufflers and large width exhaust pipes while keeping all the important emission parts in their proper place. In addition to better performance, the exhaust system emits awesome sound.

Check out this video for enhanced fuel performance:

Southowne doesn’t see the cost of fuel coming down anytime soon, but if you want the advice of an expert to help increase your new car’s performance, just call the Southtowne General Motors Superstore.

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