Atlanta Buicks Add New Power Train Warranty

There is news out of the Buick camp and you are going to hear it first from the Southtowne General Motors Superstore. This next model year, Atlanta Buicks are focusing heavily on customer experience. According to a recently released dealer announcement letter focuses, Buick is making a concerted effort at building even better relationships with our customers. In fact, right now is a very promising time for Buick. As they continue to ride the momentum of the Buick product renaissance with the launch of the all-new Verano and the recently announced 2013 Encore compact SUV they are also introducing new customer initiatives such as Experience Buick, which includes a ‘New Lease on Luxury’ . That’s two years of all-inclusive premium services, bundled into one simple monthly payment.

According to Buick:
Experience Buick has led us to further examine how we can improve Buick ownership. The Buick powertrain warranty at 5 years/100K miles offered a significant advantage over all of our competitors. However, we have taken another look at its terms and found that on average, our luxury customers drive fewer miles per year. Buick data shows that 68% of vehicles run out of the powertrain warranty at the five year mark rather than 100K miles. In some instances, it has resulted in customer dissatisfaction as owners of low mileage vehicles were told their powertrain warranty coverage had ended.

In order to rectify this discrepancy in mileage and better align with real-world customer usage, Buick has improved the warranty experience for their customers by changing the powertrain warranty to 6 years/70K miles beginning with our 2013 model year vehicles. This change now directly matches key luxury competitors such as Lexus, Acura and Infiniti, and better supports Buick’s premium position in the marketplace. The new warranty terms will also apply to roadside assistance and courtesy transportation units.

This is great news for all of those who were looking into the luxury market for their next vehicle. No longer are the players only foreign vehicles, but it now includes the quality American Craftsmanship of Buick and will have the power to back up their performance. Now is the perfect time to consider Buick. See the Southtowne General Motors Superstore for more information on Atlanta Buicks and the new programs Buick has released to bolster consumer confidence.

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