Atlanta Car Dealer Thinks You Should Consider Carpooling

Okay, I know it hasn’t traditionally been the “coolest” thing to do, after all, you love your car and the freedom that comes with it, but there are way more advantages to carpooling than disadvantages. I found a great little site that takes carpooling and ride sharing seriously. provides a way for commuters to lessen the burden of navigating traffic on a daily basis. I took the liberty of paraphrasing¬†their list of advantages and disadvantages.


  • Carpools save money. When one shares a car/vehicle with other commuters he or she saves on fuel cost, parking cost and vehicle maintenance cost.
  • Carpools decongest roads.
  • Carpools reduce pollution and carbon dioxide emissions thereby reducing global warming.
  • Carpools reduces driving related stress for participants who are not driving on a specific ride. The participants take turns sharing their vehicles and driving with others.
  • Higher occupancy rates also can reduce consumption of oil thereby reducing corresponding political and economic risks, emissions of greenhouse gasses, common pollution.
  • Carpools save considerable expenses from gasoline, oil, tires, car depreciation, tolls, parking, and in some cases insurance.
  • Carpools may provide social connections in an increasingly disconnected society. New online carpooling services are offering new ways to make social connections through discussion sites and custom ride-sharing services.
  • Some larger carpools offer “sweeper services” of late pick-up options for people having to stay longer at work. One form of backup is an arrangement with a local taxi company.
  • There are designated carpool lanes on highways (usually called High-Occupancy Vehicle, or HOV, lanes), which may make travel faster.


  • Drivers carry the additional burden of potential legal action from passengers in case of an accident.
  • Carpooling combines many of the disadvantages of public transportation (lack of privacy, not on-demand) with the disadvantages of the automobile (low safety, high fuel consumption).
  • Tends to be rather complicated to organize seriously and are difficult to keep together, due not least to changing travel patterns and needs.
  • Any appointments or other things someone in the carpool has to do will make the other person/people in the carpool have to wait, or will make the schedule drastically change.

Even Chevron understands the importance of ride sharing. Take a look. If they can do it, so can you…and they sell gas!!! You’d think that they’d want to sell as much of it as they can, right?


Of course, as an Atlanta car dealer I want everyone to be able to have a car of their own, but as a responsible citizen I understand that the advantages of carpooling far outweigh the disadvantages.

If you are an Atlanta carpooler, what have you found to be its good and bad points? Does anyone have a good carpooling story?

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