Atlanta Car headlights…You Don’t Have the Foggiest Idea.

Part of being a new car dealership in Atlanta means that we are here when you need us to perform maintenance for you, but also, we like help and give advice when it’s an easy job or project you can do on your own. This is one of those projects: Foggy Headlights.

Dealing with foggy headlights might not be a problem that you have to tackle right now with a new car or even a slightly used car, butit is a common issue and  it might pop up somewhere down the road. Most modern new car headlights are made out of plastic, and as the years pass, light causes them to oxidize and it forms a yellowish tint over the lenses. This wasn’t really a problem back before the 1980s when most headlight covers were made of glass, so a lot of people might not even be aware of this issue.

Modern car manufacturers put a coating on the headlights to help keep the oxidizing at bay, but given enough time, those headlights are still going to fog up. I’ve seen a lot of this on cars in Atlanta.

The good news is, if you notice your headlights are starting to turn yellow, you don’t have to throw them out and get new ones (which a lot of people do, unfortunately,) There is a very easy solution and with a little elbow grease, you can save yourself some money and make your headlights good as new by fixing it yourself. Even better, you’ll have that satisfaction of knowing that you played a part in keeping your new or used car in prime condition.

I found this do it yourself from Auto Amateur Bob that explains the process perfectly:


Of course if you’d rather trust in a professional then you can always bring it in to your Atlanta car dealer.

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