Atlanta Car Theft, Make Your GM Vehicle A Less Visible Target

As much as we’d like to think that we’d never be the victim of a car theft in Atlanta, the statistics are showing a decrease in newer cars being stolen as the thieves are apparently deterred by newer alarm systems and anti theft deterrents, and are opting for some older vehicles. That’s not to say that your new Atlanta GMvehicle isn’t immune to a break in. What can you do to prevent a break in? It usually comes down to just using some common sense.

First, lock your cars. This is second nature for most of us and seems obvious, but there are times we just forget. Second, and probably the most important, always make sure not to leave valuables in plain sight and try to avoid leaving them in your car in the first place. Leaving your laptop on your front seat is like leaving a cash machine open. It takes literally a blink of an eye to smash the window and grab your property. Anything of value shouldn’t be in plain sight.

Do not leave windows or sunroofs open; even on hot days – the risk is not worth the reward. This just makes your car an easier target. Also, parking your car outside at night requires a well lit area and possible added security services to prevent theft.

Consider using a product such as a steering wheel lock. It can make a car impossible to drive, as well as provide a visual deterrent to would be thieves. Also, consider an aftermarket alarm that provides an extra level of protection and additional visual clues that will keep your vehicle safer.

Using these simple tools will decrease the chance of your car being vandalized or stolen. Even well insured cars can create a headache for a victim of theft and also raise your insurance premiums. So remember to make your car as difficult to break into as possible. If you need any accessories to protect your vehicle, come by the Southtowne General Motors Superstore today. Your Atlanta GM dealer can help you with all your vehicle protection needs and hopefully, you can avoid being a victim of a car break in.

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