Atlanta cars and the Rubbernecking problem…Is there anyway to stop it?


We all know what a “Rubberneck” is, but if you’ve never been in traffic and wondered why you’ve come to a near standstill for no apparent reason, it’s probably because of  all of the “rubberneckers” who slow their speed down to an unsafe level so they can gawk at an accident. Not only that, but incidents for accidents actually increase when you slow down to check out somesones misfortune. Let’s just say that at Southtowne, we’ve see our fair share of fender benders caused by people who are not paying attention to the task at hand.

I, of all people am not perfect and human nature makes us naturally curious. In fact, just being curious can cause you to get a ticket,  or as mentioned above, in a wreck of your own.  Even though rubbernecking is not considered illegal, if you are crawling along the highway a cop can technically give you a ticket for going an unsafe speed, especially if the accident is on the other side of the highway.  Rubbernecking counts for 16% of all distraction-related accidents.  I know you want to stop and stare, because I do, but have a little self-discipline and respect for the people you share the road with and just don’t do it!  It is unsafe for you and is actually pretty annoying to your fellow drivers!

As I said before, Southtowne has seen our fair share of rubbernecking accidents, so keep those Atlanta cars safe and keep your eyes on the road and pass an accident scene without gawking.

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