Atlanta Cars: Check and Maintain Your Hoses To Avoid Disaster

There is nothing worse than experiencing a preventable breakdown caused by a worn or broken hose. Southtowne sees hose issues daily. Some need immediate attention, some still have a little life, but many have obviously been ignored. Why are your hoses so important? The same reason the circulatory system in your body is important.

Your hoses carry the vital fluids that keep your engine lubricated, cool and most importantly, running. There are hoses for your radiator, your fuel injectors, your windshield wiper fluid tank, your power steering tank. They are everywhere in your vehicle and they need as much attention as you would if you were changing your oil, or even putting in gas.

The hose system in your Buick, Cadillac or GMC is under constant stress and can wear out easily and fail without warning. Routinely inspect all of your hoses for cracks, softness and ruptures. Changing your hoses yourself isn’t a very difficult task, if you should find an issue. However, if you aren’t sure what your are doing, or just aren’t comfortable with performing maintenance yourself, the experts at our Newnan car dealershipwill gladly help.

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