Atlanta Cars: Do men Ignore GPS directions more than women?

Do men ignore GPS directions more than women?

Have you ever turned on the GPS and received directions somewhere and completely ignored them? I don’t think I have ever done that. Turns out though a lot of men do…. It’s not because they don’t listen, but they mistrust the directions. In turn they disobey what the GPS is telling them to do and end up having to be rerouted by the GPS. Does this confirm the fact that men hate getting directions? Southtowne thinks so!

According to a survey done in the United Kingdom 83% of men will regularly disobey the GPS’ directions, only 75% of women admitted to disobeying the GPS.

From what I learned, more than half of the 3,000 drivers recently surveyed by insurance retailer Swinton said that directions provided by a GPS devices had caused an argument with a passenger. Over one third of drivers said their navigation system had led them anywhere from one to five miles off course.

Regardless of gender, the majority of drivers reported that they considered their GPS “untrustworthy” and “inaccurate.” Almost two-thirds of drivers said that they still stow a road map in their car “just in case.”

Do you trust directions from your GPS? And do you think survey results would be the same for men and women in the United States?

OK, so you have to tell me…. When you are driving in your new Southtowne GM do you ignore what the GPS tells you to do and just do what you think is right, or do you always follow the directions that are given?

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