Atlanta Cars: Do You Know How To Drive Defensively

That’s a good question? Do you really know how to drive defensively? You may think that you are at the top of your driving game, but that guy next to you who’s had just 3 hours of sleep the night before isn’t. We see a lot of cars coming though Southtowne’s service and body shop that have been in accidents due to the driver’s involved NOT understanding what it means to be a defensive driver. If they did, well they wouldn’t be having to get their cars repaired, would they.

In fact, the video below mentions that 1/3rd of all car accidents are due to aggressive driving. That folks is a totally avoidable figure. it’s true. How can you be in an accident if you are totally aware of every other vehicle around you? How can you be in an accident if you are constantly prepared for a road hazard to impede your trip? If you are totally aware of your surrounds and driving defensively, your chances of being in an accident go way down. The picture above says it perfectly.

Driving is serious business and Southtowne wants you to be serious behind the wheel. You have a lot riding on those tires of yours, and even though you can’t be responsible for other hazards and drivers on the road, you can be responsible for yourself. Drive defensively and you’ll be that much less likely to be in an accident. That’s just fact.

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