Atlanta Cars, Get You Timing Right For Increased Performance

Have you experienced a lag when your GMC, Buick or Cadillac shifts gears? You may have a timing issue. First let me say that Southtowne Motors can easily adjust the timing in your vehicle. Or, you can do it yourself, but let me warn you, setting the timing on your engine is one of the most misunderstood adjustments you can make, not that it’s hard, it’s just that your average commuter probably doesn’t even know that having your cylinders fire at the right time actually increases the performance of your new car. Then there’s that pesky timing belt you’ll need to look at.

The information on this video will help you understand and answer all of your questions about ignition timing much better than I can explain it in this blog.

I used to have an older SUV (not too old) which had a significant lag when switching between first and second gears. So much so that it was nearly a full second before the gears engaged. Having your engine so far out of time not only can put added wear on your cylinders and timing belt, but a mistimed engine can seriously decrease your fuel efficiency. In regards to fuel prices, this is critical, as we are approaching the $4 a gallon mark again. Nothing can put a dent in your wallet and a frown on your face when you realize that the timing issue with your cylinders firing appropriately is costing you money.

If you think you are experiencing a timing issue, bring your vehicle into our Newnan service department and we’ll fix it for you in a flash.


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