Atlanta Cars: Rotate Your Tires Every Oil Change

When asked; “At what mileage should I rotate my tires”, my answer is always the same; “Every time you have your oil changed.” You can probably go longer, but just go ahead and do it. It won’t hurt, but will in fact, prolong the life of your tires. Most people usually are good about changing their oil, but are really terrible about rotating their tires. So, why not just do both at the same time?

What most people fail to realize is that for every Atlanta Buick, Chevy, or Cadillac that is brought in for service on steering, wobbling, noise, or alignment issues, I can pin point the issue directly back to the lack of proper tire maintenance…just by looking at the tires.

People tend to forget that those four tires are the only things separating them from the road. They are as significant as any other part of your vehicle. Why neglect proper tire maintenance?

So why should tires be rotated?  The bottom line is that the front and back tires do not wear at identical rates due to differences in wear during cornering, acceleration, braking, etc.  Think of your shoes. Guys, do the heals of your nice shoes wear evenly? No, and neither do your tires. Also remember, a car that is not aligned properly can also lead to uneven wear.

I recommend rotating tires every oil change. Yes, that often. In addition to rotating tires frequently, check your tire pressure. Tires can lose pressure based on the outside temperature, and low tires cause unnecessary tire wear. Uneven wear often leads to suspension problems.  Not only that, but the low tire pressure can lead to preventable punctures and flats, and makes it really difficult to drive safely.

I’m serious, keep your tires in excellent operational condition as you do the rest of your vehicle. They’ll last a lot longer, your car’s performance will be better and you’ll enjoy driving. For any questions, or concerns about your tires you can always leave a comment below, or better yet stop by and talk with one of our service professionals at The Southtowne General Motors Superstore.

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