Atlanta Cars: What’s That “Rattle” I Hear

A rattle in your vehicle can be one of the most frustrating noises to try to figure out. A rattle can literally come from anywhere in the vehicle, which consequently makes it a difficult fix to pin down. I’m going to say this right up front, If you hear a rattle and aren’t a mechanic by trade, than your best bet is to bring it into the Southtowne General Motors Superstore. It can take you a long time with a bunch of dead ends before you finally put your finger on the cause of the noise. I’m not even going to mention any of the money you spent to try to fix it yourself.

Watch the video below…think this made a noise?

As I said, the cost associated to repair a rattle can vary between tightening a lose bolt to replacing the transmission, or as you saw in the video an insanely bad wheel bearing. (Hopefully, you don’t go that long without having your noise issues checked out by a specialist.)

Just as with any abnormal noise, the first step is locating the region in which the sound is be generated from. A rattle can be generated when the car is in motion, or when the engine is running with the car stopped. There are so many moving parts to your car, noise can literally come from anywhere…engine oil, catalytic converter, shocks, engine mounts, U-Joints, transmission, timing belts, loose mufflers, springs…anywhere your car has a moving part.

Your best bet, when you encounter a noise is to just bring it into Southtowne. The longer you go without addressing a suspicious noise, you are just allowing it to get that much worse. Don’t be like the owners in the video above, our you’ll be exploring the wonders of the Atlanta Public Transportation System.

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