Atlanta Chevrolet: 2012 Chevy Spark Kisses The CD Player Goodbye

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It was bound to happen someday, the disappearance of the Compact Disc. That’s right, the CD may soon go the way of the 8-track tape and the cassette into the oblivion of old media music delivery systems. MP3 is the new king of the morning and afternoon commute. In fact, your Atlanta Chevrolet dealer, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore will vehicle coming off of the line without CD players.  In fact, the 2013 Chevrolet Spark will become the first Chevy vehicle built entirely without a CD player since the ’90s.  They’re making way for iPods, “infotainment systems” and other newfangled technologies.

What the Spark will come with however is the MyLink infotainment system that features a seven-inch touchscreen and Pandora Internet streaming music as standard. That’s pretty cool. It’s nice to see that Chevy is staying up to date with the fast changing technologies that the younger crowd are engaged with.

It’s been a good run, Compact Disc!  And hey, we’ve got great memories we’ll cherish forever. Driving through heavy traffic listening to the same three seconds of a song skipping over and over and over…

If you are ready to see the latest in automotive entertainment centers, or want to test drive the new 2013 Chevy Spark you can come and check out all of the latest the GM at your Atlanta Chevy dealer, theSouthtowne General Motors Superstore has to offer. Who knows, these new audio consoles may have you running out to your car more just to listen to music.

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