Atlanta Chevrolet Dealer: How NOT To Void Your Warranty

At your Atlanta Chevrolet Dealer, The Southtowne General Motors Superstore, we’ve seen warranties on new cars getting much better over years. In fact, they are adding many more years and mileage to the warranty coverage than ever before. You can deduce that since those warranties are offered for longer, that the product has also become higher quality as well.

So, with all of these great warranties out there, you want to be sure to not void the warranty before it is set to expire. Here are some tips on how to avoid voiding you vehicle’s warranty: {Source}

1. Read all of the fine print – sure this may seems like a daunting task, but you want to know what you are getting yourself into and how to protect yourself and the warranty.

2. Salvage title – if you get into an accident and your vehicle is estimated at a total loss and you are then given a salvage title, the new title unfortunately voids the warranty. This is true if even all of the recommend repairs are made.  So, as always, drive carefully!

3.  Aftermarket Modifications – you are protected by law. Even though a customer did do an aftermarket modification on the vehicle, that the dealer must prove that the aftermarket part led to any car problems in order for it to void the warranty. If it’s not clear whether or not the aftermarket part caused the failure, the dealer has to run a diagnosis.  If you do some performance modifications, some may become suspicious of there being a possibility of racing which can also be deemed reckless driving as described next and possibly void the warranty.

4. Reckless Driving – this can be anything from off-roading to racing to even over-loading your vehicle. So make sure you carefully read your warranty to make sure you are driving the vehicle correctly. Even if you have a sporty car or an off-roading SUV or truck doing these types of driving can possibly void your warranty.

5. Maintenance – make sure that you get all of your recommended maintenance done otherwise if your engine fails due to oil buildup, for example, then it won’t be covered due to a lack of oil changes. Also, it’s best to save all of your maintenance and service receipts. Get detailed invoices if possible.

6. Damages by the Environment – Mother Nature will do her thing and unfortunately it won’t be covered by your warranty. Should you have something like hail damage, contact your automotive insurance agency.  Damage by fires, floods and earthquakes are also not covered either.

The Owner’s Manual that comes along with the car will contain a section listing everything you should not do. Obviously, you should service the car regularly as recommended by the Manual. If you somehow still find yourself in a sticky situation where you believe the warranty company is trying to rip you off, then you can report them to the Federal Trade Commission. More information is available at their website.

The best way to avoid voiding your vehicle’s warranty is to read and understand what is in the warranty contract. Should you have any questions about your warranty just come by your Atlanta Chevrolet Dealer, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore and we will be glad to help you thought it.

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