Atlanta Drivers, Winter Break Is Over…School is Back In Session!

Atlanta cars and Atlanta drivers, the winter break has come to an end, and your kids are probably not too excited to get back on that school bus to go to school. With more kids outside waiting for the bus or walking into their school, it is very important to pay heed to school zones and bus stops.

During the Winter and Summer breaks, it is easy to drive by schools and not pay attention to those school zones because they are not in use.  This can create driving habits where you are driving on auto pilot and not slowing down when you need to.  Many school zone signs have flashing lights that are activated when they are in use to help grab your attention, but after three months of not having to slow down it can be easy to miss.  Be sure that you heed all school zones, and pay extra attention around you to make sure that there aren’t any little ones crossing the street to begin their school day.  Also, many cities have strict laws against using your cell phone in school zones, so be sure to not use your phone while driving to work.

While nobody likes being stuck behind a school bus, with its frequent stops and slow driving speed, you should never pass a bus with its stop sign out.  Whether you are moving in the same direction, or come across one in another lane, you need to stop for buses.  Even if there is no bus in sight, if you see kids waiting at a bus stop, slow down and give clearance.  You never know when the kids may start playing near the road or if they may run out of no where to get to their bus stop.

Remember, please pay attention at all times when you are making your morning drive.  Thanks, The Southtowne General Motors Superstore.

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