Atlanta GM Dealer Says Don’t Neglect Your Check Engine Light

It’s never good when your check engine light comes on, but don’t panic, it may not be that urgent.   There are several meanings that you’re vehicle is trying to communicate via the check engine light.  This can be anything minor to a loose gas cap to a major engine problem.  You do not need to pull over right away and call for help in most cases. Continue on your way, but you will need to get it checked out regardless.  Check out some explanations below from your Atlanta Buick, GMC ,Chevrolet, Cadillac Dealer, The Southownte General Motors Superstore

One of the most easiest things to do if your check engine light has come on while your driving is to pull over somewhere safe and double check that your gas cap is on correctly.  If that doesn’t work then continue on your journey and try to see if you notice anything different about how your vehicle is driving, though this may not always be noticeable.

Some vehicles will illuminate the check engine light in two different colors, an orange and a red. In other vehicles, the check engine lights will warn the varying degrees of importance by either a solid check engine light like or a blinking one.  You should refer to your vehicle’s manual to see which way your vehicle works. If you are seeing an orange check engine light then that is indicative of a not-so-serious problem.

If your check engine light is on, but may go off or if it is orange this indicates a not so serious problem. Try to pay as best attention as possible to any performance changes. For example if you’re driving in the city and the check engine light is on or flickers on and off, but then disappears when you get on the freeway then you may have some type of driving condition problems. Some of these problems  may include:

  • computer-related problems such as a sensor that it faulty
  • emissions problems
  • anti-lock brake issues
  • safety restraint system issues

If your check engine light is blinking or if it’s a red color then you have a have a more serious problem.  Some say that you should actually pull over and call for a tow to your service shop. However, others are willing to chance it to their destination and deal with it as soon as they can. Some of these problems include:

  • low brake fluid
  • a broken or missing belt
  • faulty alternator
  • battery problems
  • low fluid levels for oil or anti-freeze

Stay in-tune with your car so that you can safely diagnosis if you need to make an appointment immediately at your Atlanta GM Dealer, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore or if you can wait a few days. But don’t wait too long!

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