Atlanta GMC: GM Is Introducing A Bio-Fuel Option

There is no doubt that every time you jump in your Atlanta GMC, you think about fuel. Be it the unstable costs, or how many miles per gallon you are able to coax out of your vehicle, the bottom line is that fuel is expensive and we’re all waiting for a cheaper solution. GM has announced a new bio-fuel option for both the GMC Sierra HD and The Chevy Silverado 2500 HD. While the cost for the addition is set at an additional $11,000, GM understand the value of this technological advancement both in regards to saving at the pump and on environmental costs.

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GM justifies the cost of the bi-fuel option saying that it serves as protection against gasoline prices that are unstable at best, and that in the end, owners can potentially keep $5,000 to $10,000 dollars that would have otherwise been spent on fuel over a three year period. The bi-fuel option allows the vehicle to switch between CNG (compressed natural gas) and petrol fuels, and to acquire the capability buyers will have to drop $11,000. The upgrade adds a Type 3 tank in the bed that gets you a 650-mile range on any heavy-duty truck variant.

Granted, the cost at this time seems rather high, but in relation to the money you will save and the smaller carbon footprint you will be leaving it is very close to being on target fiscally. The fact of the matter is that once introduced and refined further, the cost will eventually drop as Bio-fuel becomes more available.

Is bio-fuel something that you would be interested in your future GMC, or Chevrolet? Is the cost at this time too high? Have you thought about the residual costs of not having a bio-fuel equipped vehicle? Do you think this will make a significant impact on the automotive industry? The jury is still out, but you can be certain that Southtowne Motors in Newnan will be on board with all of the latest technological advancements.

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