Atlanta, How Do You Find A Good Car Mechanic

Every mechanic, either an independent or a dealership, will claim to be the best mechanics in the business. So how can you counter some of these claims? First, ask your friends. There’s  chance they may have used the mechanic you were considering before and would be a very good source of information.

If you think you’ve found a mechanic, now do your research. Do they have any bad reviews? If so, do they sound legit? Do they have an active Facebook page? Check and ask questions, they should answer. Are they accredited or ASC certified? Check out the video below for some excellent advice and what to look for when choosing the right mechanic or you.

Research is really important here. If you choose the wrong mechanic, you may find yourself spending a lot more money than you had planned on. Also be wary of the mechanics who are telling you about any amount of additional work that needs to be done. Not everything is as urgent as some people like to make them out to be. Don’t ignore their advice, just be wary…maybe get a second opinion from a mechanic who’s name you know and trust.

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