Atlanta, How Well Do You Know The Brakes On Your GMC Cadillac or Chevy

We’ve see many cars come through the Southtowne Service Department that have been involved in accidents because of suspected brake failures. How do you know if your brakes are on the verge of “taking the day off”? Let’s see if I can shed some light on this.

One leading indicator is the feel of the brake pedal, so if your new car pulls left or right when braking, or if the front end shakes, then these are definite signs of excessive brake wear. If the brake pedal in your automobile begins to feel spongy, it could be a sign that air has entered the brake system or fluid is low. Do not ignore these warning signs!

A spongy brake pedal, together with a decrease in brake fluid, may also indicate brake wear. When you check the brake fluid reservoir, make sure it’s topped off. If not, then brake fluid is probably remaining at the wheel itself to fill the space caused by wear. Simply replace the brake fluid and letting it flow throughout the brake system by pumping the brake pedal a few times before your run your car.

Almost all new cars have ABS (Automatic Braking System) which initiates a rapid fire pumping sequence to the brakes, keeping the car straight during sudden or hard braking. If the ABS light illuminates on your instrument panel, then it’s likely that the wheel sensors have detected excessive build-up of metal particles from the brake system. Most new cars are designed to shut down the ABS when excessive particle build-up occurs, but a shutdown ABS does not prevent you from stopping, it just means that the ABS feature isn’t working. My advice is to have this taken care of immediately. The ABS system on your car is very valuable, especially when navigating through in climate weather.

If you have any other questions, or you think it might beĀ  time to have your brakes checked by a professional,swing by Southtowne and we’ll check them out.

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