Atlanta New Car Thieves: Southtowne is on to you!

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At Southtowne Motors, we know that when it comes to vehicle break-ins, almost nothing will stop a thief from getting what they are after. The bottom line is that if a car thief wants to get into your car, they are going to get in.  Your responsibility is to make your vehicle less inviting to the opportunistic nature of the average car thief.

Watch the video below. You might feel that some of the advice is a no-brainer, like leaving your purse or wallet on the seat. What baffles me is that iPods, iPads, laptops, even CDs (remember those) are just an invitation for a thief to smash, grab and run! Take a look at the video below for a quick reminder of what not to do and some hints on how you can make your car less attractive to a thief.

It’s not brain surgery. Take all valuables inside or put them out of sight. If you think you need an alarm system, you should probably swing by Southtowne and have one installed. The more  warning you can put on your vehicle to deter thieves, the more of a chance you have at dissuading a break in.

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