Best Biking Trails


After you pick up a new vehicle from SouthTowne Motors, get it fitted for a bike rack and then head out to some of the popular bike trails in the area including the Arabia Mountain Trail and the Keswick Park Extension Trail. Pack a lunch to enjoy during a midday break or while you are between trails.

Arabia Mountain Trail

This trail features rushing streams, giant rock outcroppings, farmland, woodland waterfalls and fields that are full of wildflowers. Be sure to bring your camera for pictures of the Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve and the views at Klondike Park. Take the side trails that link Evans Mill Road, Lithonia and Panola Mountain State Park. Continue on the South River Trail or the Rockdale River Trail at the south end of the Arabia Mountain Trail. Park in Lithonia, Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve on Klondike Road, Stonecrest Square/Mall Ring Road, on Evans Road between Rockland Road and Salem Road and on Brown’s Road southeast of Evans Mill Road.

Cochran Shoals Trail

The Chochran Shoals Trail follows the Chattahoochee River for about two miles. It’s located on the northwestern outskirts of Atlanta and is unpaved. The trail runs through the National Recreation Area. Fishing is allowed, so if you can pack your gear on your bike, you can combine a bike ride and some fishing. You’ll find parking for trail access at the north end of the trail on Columns Drive. Or, take Interstate 285 to Exit 22. Take Northside Drive and then Interstate North Parkway. The parking lot is a bit less than a mile after you cross the Chattahoochee River.

Keswick Park Extension Trail

This trail is also known as the Chamblee Rail Trail and is located in Chamblee, just northeast of Atlanta. The trail runs through downtown under Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. The northern end is in Keswick Park and the southern end is two blocks from Chamblee MARTA Station. You’ll find many restaurants and businesses just off the trail, so you can stop for lunch without having to pack it with you. Park at Keswick Park to access the trail.

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