Blind Zones, Where Are Yours

Blind zones are serious business. All drivers have them. All cars have them. Do you know where your blind spots are? How often do you check them? How many times have you been driving down the road, check your mirrors and make your move only to have a horn blared at you because you moved directly into the path of a car that was in your blind spot.

The video below was originally aired on the CBS News and discusses the dangers of not recognizing your blind zones. The video shows clearly how blind zones work against you.

Every trip out in your vehicle can result in a scenario that you may not have been prepared for, such as not paying attention to your blind spot and becoming a road hazard. Don’t just rely on your mirrors. Turn you head over your shoulder and physically look at on coming traffic to make sure the coast is clear. The problem with not understanding where your blind spots are means that you might be bringing your Buick, GMC, Chevrolet or Cadillac in from some body work before your know it.

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