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Buick is always on the lookout for ways to improve their vehicles. Here at SouthTowne, we strive to give you the latest and greatest in their improvements as soon as we hear about it. Keeping up with the newest information is the only way to keep the best in the vehicles the public wants or needs. With that said, here are a couple of pieces of information that you might not have heard about yet.

The Buick Encore is being introduced with an intriguing piece of equipment called the Rainsense wipers. These are not just a brand of new windshield wipers at a high price. What they do is something completely different. Say someone drives past you quicker than they should right through a puddle. That puddle splashes your vehicle, raining sheets of water onto your windshield which leaves you frantically searching for your wiper lever. You find it only to realize that your wipers are already on at the right pace. Amazing.

This new piece of technology is being incorporated in Encore’s windshields right behind the rearview mirror. The Rainsense gadget is about the size of a wristwatch and it figures out the light conditions, rain intensity and vehicle speed in order to come on right when it senses water. This fascinating option can be added to your Encore at your Newnan dealership.

Another new and exciting feature to owners of all new 2015 Buick models is the built-in WiFi hotspot. This will keep you and your passengers connected to the world you love and know while enjoying the ride. Taking a long road trip with kids? No worries. Just connect to the internet and find them a movie to keep them entertained. You can connect up to seven different devices at one time using this feature. This service is called Buick’s 4G LTE and it is just in time for the 10th generation OnStar hardware. This new upgrade allows for the voice and high-speed services.

The OnStar feature is constantly being upgraded for the convenience of the consumers who use it. This latest improvement will make OnStar the most powerful it has ever been. For the best and most updated news and information regarding Buick, stay tuned to SouthTowne Motors.

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