Cadillac Commercial From The 50’s: My, Things Have Changed

There is no doubt that one of the vehicles that has made and left an indelible mark on American automotive history is the Cadillac brand. Always an innovator, always luxurious, always at the pinnacle of excellence, the American dream included owning a Cadillac. Today that dream has not died. There’s something about owning an Atlanta Cadillac that is uniquely American, uniquely regal. It’s as if ownership is that reassuring pat on the back saying, “Congrats, you worked hard. You deserve it.”

You can see that pride here in this vintage video.

Now compare it to what Cadillac is today. Folks, this isn’t your same old American Car Manufacturer. The metamorphosis and evolution of the brand and their models has been undeniable. If advancement were a mountain, Cadillac not only scaled it, they moved it. Check out today’s Cadillac.

Come into The Southtowne General Motors Superstore and see how much Cadillac has changed. They aren’t your parent’s Cadillacs anymore.

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