Cadillac CTS Adds Limited Edition Models

Cadillac is adding a number of new, limited edition models to its Cadillac CTS and V-series lines this year. These models will join the standard line up of Cadillac vehicles at your local Atlanta Cadillac dealer. These models will be available only for a short time, and must be order directly from your Cadillac dealer.

These special, limited edition cars feature a number of new features designed to make them look as fantastic as the perform on the road. Among other things, the Silver frost and Stelth Blue both feature specially designed paint jobs. Both of these special vehicles will be on sale by order through their dealer in Atlanta beginning in March.

The Silver Frost features a special edition matte paint, designed to show off the speed and performance of the Cadillace CTS-V coupe. In addition to the new paint job, this limited edition car has a 6.2L V-8 engine that delivers 556 horsepower. The CTS-V coupe is one of the ‘worlds top sports coupes, and these limited edition models are no exception.

It also has a number of other optional features including high polished or satin graphite wheels, a suede-covered steering wheel and shift knob, and yellow or red Brembo brake calipers.

Because of the special paint job, the car has a different feel than a traditional glossy paint. It is less smooth to the touch. The matte feel requires special care when washing. For best results, in order to maintain the matte finish, the car should be hand washed only.

The Stealth Blue will also begin production in March, and will be available on all CTS coupes and all CTS-V models. The paint on the Stealth Blue has a much more traditional metallic finish. Unlike the Silver Frost, the Stealth Blue does not require any special care or handwashing. There is also the option of an additional “Twilight Blue” leather interior package to go along with the limited edition paint color.

These new limited edition Stealth Blue models also offer a number of other additional optional features to make this special car even more unique. This includes a dark finish grill, recaro performance seats, and satin graphite wheels with silver calipers.

Both of these special editon collectors cars can be order from Atlanta Cadillac dealers begining in March. These unique limited edition cars will only be available for a short time, so any collector who wants a chance to own one of these two expertly designed cars will have to act fast.

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