Cadillac Launches Style Series on Vogue TV

Cadillac is working hard to associate all kinds of luxury with their brand and their vehicles. As part of this initiative, they’ve partnered with Vogue TV to develop their very own video series. The show hopes to unite the unique insights of some of the best known fashion designers with the style that goes into every Cadillac design. Watching to show could inspire you to invest in a reliable vehicle from one of the best car dealers in Newnan, GA.

The short episodes are being published through Vogue TV’s exclusive Youtube channel. This means that all of the subscribers for this channel, which are over 12,000 as of May 2013, will receive notifications of the posting. Many more viewers are expected to visit the channel to watch this intriguing series. The “Style Driven” show follows the work and passion of fashion stylist Erin Walsh. The four current videos cover her preparations for the Met Gala. This annual event attracts celebrities like Kristen Wiig and Gwyneth Paltrow. Walsh uses a Cadillac SRX to get around town as she finds all of the best gowns and gala outfits from top designers throughout New York City.

Cadillac is creating a connection between their luxury sedans and the world of high fashion by developing such a compelling series. Viewers get to see all of the work and creativity that goes into a red carpet event, which is something that normally goes unnoticed. Behind every well dressed star at a movie premiere is a stylist who put together their outfit and accessories. Watching the “Style Driven” series on Vogue TV will give you a new appreciation for the challenges of working with stars and the sheer variety of fashionable option available today.

Viewers that like the look of the Cadillac SRX used in the series can arrange for a test drive with their local Atlanta Cadillac dealer. You may be surprised at its responsiveness and elegant interior and exterior design.

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