Can A Steering Wheel Can Be Germ Infested

“Yes”, is the short answer.  If you didn’t get the flu this year, you are one of the few lucky ones. If you did get it, I know you wondered how you got it. Work? A friend? Your steering wheel? When was the last time you cleaned your steering wheel? It doesn’t take much, a clean cloth and alcohol will to the trick. Now you may think this is a  good idea, but I doubt you are running out to your car right now to clean it. When you finally do get around to being concerned about germ transmission, get a anti-microbial steering wheel cover like the one in the video below.

There’s not doubt that we simply don’t clean our cars as thoroughly as we should. Sure, we vacuum from time to time, or rub some cleaning material we randomly chose at the grocery store and give our dashes a once over. It’s probably a good idea to start cleaning the interior of your car more often, especially during flu season. Clean that germ infested steering wheel.

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