Car Drivers in Atlanta: Set A Good Example For Your Teenage Drivers

We’re all aware of the numerous distractions we face when driving our cars in Atlanta. The number one of course, being our smart phones. Unfortunately, the same great technology that has allowed us to browse the Internet, send emails and text messages is also becoming a high contributing factor to distraction-related auto accidents.

Until it becomes completely outlawed to use cell phones while driving, there’s really not much we can do to prevent this. Sure there are applications for our phones and several great campaigns urging people to stop, but it’s obviously still a huge issue.

For the most part, using smart phones in the car has been associated with the younger driving population, but a recent study by State Farm pointed out that parents may be equally responsible. The study found that 61 percent of teens say their parents have been distracted by their phone at least once while teaching them to drive. On top of that, 29 percent of teens say their parents have been distracted sometimes, often, or all the time. Come on now, parents! You’re supposed to be setting the good example. Teaching our young drivers of the dangers of distracted driving is one of the best shots we have at lowering the amount of accidents it causes.

Other recent studies have already shown us that teens are not getting enough practice time behind the wheel. At the recent NOYS (National Organization for Youth Safety) Teen Distracted Driving summit, a presenter said that teens need 100 hours of driving practice before being on their own and many are not getting the training.

If this is the case, then it’s even more important for parents out there to teach good driving behavior. So Atlanta Chevrolet drivers, be sure to practice what you preach to your children about safe driving habits. Put the phone away and don’t be distracted while driving or while teaching your children how to drive. Even if you have younger children who are years away from the driving age, they can still pick up on your driving habits. So remember to always set a good example.

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