The Importance of Maintaining Brakes

Brake maintenance is one of the things that is the least thought about on your vehicle – until the brakes start making noise. Even then, people often wait until a while before bringing their vehicles in to a certified service department like SouthTowne Motors for brake service – and that can be a huge problem: Not only for your safety but for the safety of others and the expense it could cause you in repairs.

Brake Basics

While there is a lot to a vehicle’s brake system, suffice to know that the system is made of a power booster if you have power brakes, a master cylinder that holds the brake fluid, hydraulic lines that go from the cylinder to the brakes, calipers or wheel cylinders, pads or shoes, and rotors or drums. The wheel cylinders and drums work with shoes and are becoming rare on most vehicles. The vehicles that do have them use that combination on the rear brakes. When the braking material gets too low on shoes, you’ll hear a grinding noise.

Brake pads have a metal tab on the pad itself. Once the braking material gets too low, the metal tab will scrape the rotor and make a squeaking noise to alert you that it’s time to change the pads.

Brake System Issues

The most common brake repair is to replace the pads or shoes. A technician will turn the rotors to give them a smooth surface if they are thick enough. If not, the rotors also need to be replaced. Other brake issues include:

  • Worn calipers;
  • Broken, cracked or dry-rotted brake hoses;
  • Cracked brake lines (not common as they are metal);
  • A bad master cylinders;
  • Thin, pitted, warped or grooved rotors;
  • A bad master cylinder; and/or
  • A bad power booster.

Any one of these problems poses a danger to you, others around you and the rest of the braking system. If you don’t have your worn brake pads or shoes changed as soon as you hear the squeaking – or before if you regularly have your brakes checked, you will risk an over-extending the calipers and you will definitely damage the rotors, usually to the point where they can’t be turned and need to be replaced.

You could also cause damage to the master cylinder, the brake lines and the power booster, though you’d have to drive quite a few miles to do this – in most cases.

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Because letting your brakes go without maintenance does cause additional damage to the system, it is very important that you bring your vehicle in to our service department at SouthTowne Motors as soon as you are told the pads are low or as soon as you hear the metal tab squeaking against the rotor.

The Importance of Changing Your Filters

You need to be aware of the maintenance schedule for your vehicle — especially for filter changes. Many people do not think of changing the filters on their vehicles and often do not take the vehicle in for service at the appropriate times. Ignoring your vehicle’s filters is asking for trouble.

Air Filter

You should check the condition of your air filter every 3,000 miles or three months. If it is dirty — pull it out and check both sides — replace the filter. The air filter keeps dust and debris from entering the engine. When it gets too dirty, the engine cannot breathe properly, which could cause problems with running and could affect fuel mileage.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is not a filter you can easily check yourself. Some vehicles have two fuel filters — on under the car on near the frame and one in the engine compartment, usually near the firewall. Your owner’s manual will tell you when you should change the fuel filter. The fuel filter makes sure anything that gets into the gas tank doesn’t end up in the injectors. The fuel injectors have a very small nozzle that sprays fuel into the cylinders. If the nozzle gets clogged, the engine will not run properly or may not run at all.

Oil Filter

You should change the oil filter every time you change the oil. Most vehicles recommend changing the oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. Some vehicle manufacturers have extended the time to change the oil, but it is still a good idea to change the oil at the 3,000-mile mark. Dirty oil could cause oil sludge to form in the oil galleys. When that happens, the oil cannot lubricate essential parts and your engine could freeze up.

Transmission Filter

This is another filter that you cannot easily change yourself. It is inside the transmission pan. Transmission service requirements vary widely from vehicle to vehicle. Check your owner’s manual for the transmission service timeframe. A clogged transmission filter could affect the way your vehicle shifts, which could also affect fuel mileage. If left dirty long enough, you could damage the transmission.

Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters are usually found behind the glove box if your vehicle has them. Your owner’s manual will tell you when you should change them. These help keep the air inside the vehicle clean.

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If you do not know when you should change your filters, a service technician at SouthTowne Motors will be able to tell you when to bring your vehicle in for service. When you call, have the year, make, model and engine size ready for the technician so that he can look up the proper timeframes for your vehicle.

Extending the Life of Your Brakes


Changing your brakes is inevitable. The grinding or squeaking sound your brakes give off is a clear indicator that you need to change them. But let’s try to keep them from making that sound as long as possible.

Here are a few tips and tricks to extend the life of your brakes from SouthTowne Motors, your Newnan car dealer.

Speeding destroys your brakes

Stopping hard from high speeds is the number one killer of brakes. Even speeding just a little will shorten the lifespan of your brakes. Braking at high speeds forces the brakes to dissipate one-third more energy, which causes heat due to friction when applied. This can drastically reduce the life of your brake pads. The extreme clamping force needed for a last second brake can also crack your braking pads. Simply being mindful of your speed can add months to the lifespan of your brakes.

Don’t ride the brakes

Avoid riding the brakes, especially when coasting down hills. This could possibly be the worst thing to do when trying to expand the life of your brakes. The best method is to alternate between coasting and braking, giving the brakes a chance to cool off so they won’t over heat and cause faster deterioration of the brake pads. The more coasting you do, the longer your friction materials are going to last.

Get them flushed

The brake fluids need to be changed periodically. Most mechanics call it bleeding and flushing. This can be extremely beneficial if you have an older vehicle, or if you purchased one used. By flushing the brake fluids, it will make the internal components last longer and the brakes function better. The older the brake fluid is, the higher the moisture content is within the fluid. Old brake fluid can result in failure of the wheel cylinders and brake calipers.

Get inspected

Everything wears over time and your brakes are no exception. Having a regular brake inspection performed will make it easier to note problems before they develop. The brakes will be able to tell you a lot about your car, for instance if your wheel alignment is off. It is important to get on a regular maintenance schedule with your car.

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If it is time, however, for your Chevy brakes to be replaced or inspected, head south of Atlanta and come see us at SouthTowne Motors!

August Service Offers


If it’s time for service, visit our service coupons page at SouthTowne Motors to print the coupon you need; and then give us a call to schedule service. If you don’t see a coupon that applies to the service you need, always check back as we change the coupons often.

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Free Diagnostic Check

If your engine light is on, print the coupon from our service specials page for a free diagnostic check. The coupon is good for one redemption per customer and is not valid with other offers. We’ll analyze system data flow, clear and reset the computer code history and discuss the possible failures and make recommendations.

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April Service Offers


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Free Brake Inspection

It’s always a good idea to have your vehicle’s brakes inspected every six months under normal driving. They should be checked sooner if you drive a lot, do a lot of towing or drive in the mountains. You may be able to save money if you catch worn brake pads before they damage the rotors and calipers. Call us for an appointment today for a free brake inspection.

Free Diagnostic Check

If your vehicle’s engine light is on, call us for an appointment for a free diagnostic check. Well test for fault code history, analyze the system data flow and clear and reset your code history. We’ll let you know what is causing an active code and discuss repairs.

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November Service Specials

If you haven’t had your vehicle serviced for the winter months yet, it’s time to get it done. You can take advantage of some of our service specials for November when you come in. Call SouthTowne Motors now to set up an appointment to have your vehicle serviced and winterized.


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Battery Testing

Ensuring your battery has ample power is a must for colder weather since the cold can cause everything to be sluggish. You may have noticed that your vehicle is sometimes harder to start in extreme cold – that is because the battery doesn’t want to work anymore than you want to go out in the cold! A stronger battery helps to negate this “sluggishness.” With the coupon from our website, you can have your vehicle’s battery tested for free. Hybrid batteries not included.

Brake Inspection

One of the most important inspections you can have on your vehicle is a brake inspection. The brake system is made of many parts and any one of them can fail. Even if your vehicle’s brakes are not squeaking, stop by for a free brake inspection. Our technicians will inspect brake material, rotors, drums, hoses, caliper operation and connections. Present the online coupon at the time of your service write-up.

Service at SouthTowne

Call SouthTowne Motors today to make a service appointment to get your vehicle ready for winter. Tires, brakes, hoses, belts, fluids and more should be checked for the upcoming cold weather.


Lube Oil & Filter for Gas Engines

Many of us have come to expect a few key services to be done on our vehicles on a routine basis. All vehicles at some point will need new brakes, new tires and regularly scheduled oil changes. These are the prominent three areas of service during vehicle ownership. However, one of the most vital is having your oil changed. Here’s why.

The oil in all modern internal combustion engines helps keep everything lubricated, which reduces friction. That’s the main job many people understand, so, therefore, it is the most widely accepted. There is more, however, that oil does. When everything is lubed and the friction is kept low in the engine, you get more fuel economy from your vehicle, which is money back in your pocket. It also adds more life to your precious Newnan Chevy.

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The proper type of oil can also act as a cleaner for the inside of your engine, can help cool it down and also seal all combustion chambers. If there is any worn metal, it will help keep the particles suspended so sludge doesn’t form. Additives in oil today consist of a lot of different minerals to make the oil last longer and do more than it did when it was first developed. There are many varieties of oil depending on the type of engine your vehicle has. There are synthetic and diesel oils as well. No matter what kind you are using for your ride, it’s important to remember that all oil wears down every time you crank your car.

Oil filters are used to extract the good oil from the particles that get mixed into it. When this gets overused and the oil becomes dirty, it loses the ability to do what it is designed to do. You end up losing fuel economy, performance and sludge. You also run the risk of wearing out your engine faster than usual. These things are more costly to fix, so remember to get an oil and filter change every 3,000 miles or as directed by your mechanic.

At SouthTowne Motors’ service department, we are offering this oil change for just $34.95. It includes up to five quarts of oil, filter and a multi-point inspection. Don’t delay, make your appointment today.

Worry Free Luxury

2014 Buick Enclave Newnan, GA 5GAKRBKD8EJ105785

All vehicle manufacturers have their own standard of warranties and protection services. With Buick, you receive the very best in warranties which comes standard with every new 2014 Buick purchase or lease. They have a guaranteed, worry-free and comprehensive coverage plan that will keep your vehicle running smoothly. It is aptly called the Experience Buick Protection plan. This plan is simply designed with you in mind so you can keep your precious luxury vehicle running and looking as new as the day you purchased or leased it. Here’s an outline of what the plan includes.

  1. Two year or 24,000 mile scheduled maintenance.
  2. Four year or 50,000 mile bumper to bumper limited warranty
  3. Six year or 70,000 mile powertrain limited warranty
  4. Six year or 70,000 mile roadside assistance and courtesy transportation
  5. Six months of OnStar

Let’s go over what each item means to you. The first one means you will receive all regular scheduled maintenance services for free. This includes oil changes, oil filter changes and tire rotations. There may be more services included with your plan. Check with SouthTowne Motors for more information on this plan. The bumper to bumper warranty provides you with repairs to your vehicle to correct any defects in the materials or workmanship. All labor and parts are included and repairs are made using either new, refurbished or remanufactured parts. It also covers towing is your car is inoperable. This warranty transfers ownership during the active period.

If you ever have an issue with the powertrain components, Buick will take care of that for the first six years or 70,000 miles. This will replace any material that is bad or workmanship of the piece in question. Buick offers roadside assistance and courtesy transportation in the event of an emergency. They are proud to offer 24-hour roadside assistance as long as you own your vehicle and will transport you if needed. Another fantastic option included is six months of OnStar service. This will provide you with hands free calling, turn-by-turn directions, automatic crash response, emergency services and more.

When you’re ready to receive the best in Worry Free Luxury, visit your Newnan Buick dealer. We can get you into a brand new Buick with this outstanding protection plan. We look forward to seeing you.

The Effect of Sun Damage on an Interior

Keeping your vehicle looking the best it can for as long as you can is something we all strive to master. With hot and even hotter days around the corner, we can’t afford to take a chance on damaging the value of our cars and trucks. Many of us know how to take care of the outside. The standard wash and wax does the trick for most of us. Some go beyond and add covers to help protect the exterior. Even though this is a great idea and we are proud of our work, the inside can still begin to ruin. If you value both the exterior and interior of your beloved investment, read on for more information about taking care of the inside on a hot summer’s day.

Have you ever returned to your vehicle after running an errand and noticed that the car’s interior temperature has soared in a matter of minutes? If you parked outside under the sun, this is inevitable and quite uncomfortable. This is due to the Greenhouse Effect which is caused when the sun warms the air in enclosed space. There is nowhere else for the air to go so it continues to heat the area around it. However, the knowledgeable staff over at SouthTowne Motors have a few pieces of advice for you.

Many people are content with simply cracking their windows to let air escape which will cool your vehicle a few degrees. This is a great idea but not the most effective way. When heat is trapped in your car or you leave your vehicle in direct sunlight for extended periods of time without protection, the interior suffers greatly. Over a period of time, the dashboard, seats and doors will begin to warp under the high temperatures. They may even become discolored or cracked. The best thing for you to do, if you can, is to park your car under shade or in a garage.

Other ways to help avoid harmful UV rays on the interior are to use a good quality car shade or invest in a legal amount of tinting on the windows. This will help block some of the rays so you can keep your car looking good longer. Enjoy taking care of your Newnan car or truck this summer.

Image by Donnie Nunley via Flickr Creative Commons

How to Get a Car Road Trip Ready

The summer season is usually full of exciting road trips and making memories that will last for a lifetime. However, before you can head out, there are some things that need to be addressed. Your car needs a complete tune up and inspection both inside and out. You expect your car to get you to and from all of these remarkable places so treat it right. No matter whether you’re planning a trip just a few hundred miles away or across country, it’s important to keep your car up to date.

First and foremost, you must check all of the fluids in your Newnan Chevy. Check for the appropriate color and levels of the following; engine oil, transmission, gasoline, coolant, brake, power steering and windshield washer fluids. If anything seems off, perform maintenance. Remember to check the filters as well. Hoses and belts are essential pieces of the vehicle’s system, too. Check every one of them to make sure there are no cracks or breaks and that there are none loose. Make sure they are tightly secure before your trip.

Tires are crucial in making sure you get where you are going. They are the only thing that keeps you in contact with the road. Knowing this, make sure they are not worn and have the proper pressure. The appropriate PSI levels for your vehicle’s tires should be located in at least one of three places; the owner’s manual, the inside of the driver’s side door and on the tire itself. Keep in mind as well that just because the maximum PSI says 32 doesn’t mean you should inflate it to it. It’s best to keep it a few points under in the winter and just a point or so under in the summer. Be sure you check the PSI in your spare as well.

The lights, brakes and wipers on your car are equally as important. Check and recheck these items before you go on your road trip. Other things to take note of before your journey is the battery and air filter. When you are ready for your outing, be sure to bring a road atlas, emergency kit, extra fuses and oil. You never know what could happen on the road and SouthTowne Motors wants to help keep you prepared.

Image by Robert Stinnett via Flickr Creative Commons