The Best East Coast Spring Break Destinations

Asheville NC Blue Ridge Mountains Sunset and Fog Landscape

Once you’ve had your vehicle serviced at SouthTowne Motors, you will be ready to head out for spring break. You can take a road trip up the east coast or you can spend the entire break in one spot. The east coast has tons to offer so no matter what you prefer, you’re bound to find a favorite place.

Maryland and Virginia

Visit the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay and Chincoteague, Virginia, for a relaxing spring break. While Chincoteague is a summer beach town, the National Wildlife Refuge is open year round. You’ll get a chance to spy on the wild ponies while they are in their natural habitat. Be sure to bring binoculars – and you may want to bring bicycles to better move about the refuge.

Kids of all ages will love the NASA Visitor Center at Wallops Flight Facility, which is located just outside of Chincoteague. Learn about the rockets that were launched nearby.

The other side of the peninsula – the Maryland side – features the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, the Maryland Science Center and the B&O Railroad museum. To refuel between touring museums, stop by Vaccaro’s at 222 Albemarle Street to grab some cannolis.

Asheville, North Carolina

If you prefer mountains to beaches, head up to Asheville, which is located about two hours east of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Enjoy the arts and food scene in Asheville, head over to the park in Tennessee or visit The Biltmore, which is just a few miles from Asheville. The Biltmore is the largest private home in the United States. Take a tour of the house, explore the acres of landscaped grounds or stop at the winery and working farm.

The nearby mountains also offer zip-lining, rock climbing, hiking and steam engine rides on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad. Be sure to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway while you are in the area.

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Take a Short Road Trip Over the Holidays

Shops and restaurants at River Street in downtown Savannah in Ge

Some people take the opportunity over the holidays to escape the cold and head south. While Atlanta has mild winters and is already south, sometimes it’s nice to get out of town for the holidays, even if it’s just for a short trip. Try one of these destinations if you’re looking to get out of town with your time off.

Charleston, South Carolina

Explore historic Charleston, shop until you drop, or spend long days walking the area’s many beaches — it’s the perfect getaway to relax and ease your winter blues. The city combines historic charm with and upbeat modern vibe.

Key West, Florida

Key West is full of resorts ranging from crazy party spots to serene (and luxurious) ocean-side getaways — whatever your ideal winter destination is, it’s likely it’s somewhere in Key West. This is an ideal destination if you’re primarily out looking for a beach to relax on.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is a southern town on the rise — known for its great cuisine, beautiful beaches nearby, historic charm and endless shopping. Explore its historic city squares under the shade of oak trees, check out houses and mansions that date back to the Revolutionary War, and stroll along the cobbled riverfront.

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Visit Chattahoochee Bend State Park

Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia Autumn Season

There’s a long list of national parks across the US (and in Georgia alone) to visit, but if you’re looking for an outing close to home, make a reservation at the Chattahoochee Bend State Park located about 33 minutes from Newnan.

At SouthTowne, let us help you find the perfect ride for your visit to Chattahoochee Bend State Park. Choose from our inventory of Buick, GMC, Chevrolet, and Cadillac pre-owned and certified pre-owned models and travel in comfort and style.

Chattahoochee Bend State Park

The nearly 3000-acre park is one of the largest with the majority of the acreage remaining in a natural state. Visitors can enjoy six miles along tree-lined trails for up-close (but careful) wildlife observations, hiking, bird watching, and photographing natural habitats.

The park resides along five miles of the Chattahoochee River and if water activities are your favorite pastime, you’ll have plenty to do including fishing, canoeing and paddling. Bring your boat and use the convenient ramp for a leisurely ride along the river or rent a kayak or canoe for a scenic experience.

You can also take advantage of scheduled activities throughout the year such as guided hikes. On these outings, you’ll learn about native snakes, plants and birds of prey from park experts.

Chattahoochee Bend State Park offers plenty of campsites for including RV, tent only, tent walk-in campsites. For the adventurous, there’s backcountry and paddle-in sites, primitive campsites, screened in Adirondack group camping, and riverside platform sites.The park also has a picnic shelter you can reserve, a playground, and a gift shop.

The park is a perfect destination for a day trip to observe and explore the beauty of southwest Georgia. If your plans include an overnight stay, choose from a variety of lodgings near the park that include choices from local hotels and motels.

Additional points of interest near Newnan to consider on your itinerary include McIntosh Reserve Park for horseback riding and a self-guided tour of Dunaway Gardens originally opened in 1934.

Contact us at SouthTowne and let us get you road-ready for your next adventure.

Thanksgiving Road Trip Through the Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountains in Autumn

Whether you’re heading through the Smoky Mountains to visit family for Thanksgiving or just want a destination to get away from it all during the holiday, the Smoky Mountains are full of natural beauty and provide a wonderful drive and a great place to camp.

Assuming you’re going to stop at least once even if you’re just passing through, here are some great places to check out:

Cherokee, North Carolina

The Adventure Trail Campground features 20 acres of relaxing beauty and is family friendly. Cherokee also has Yogi in the Smokies Campground. This campground features 200 sites, a camp store, swimming, showers and laundry. Yogi in the Smokies is also family friendly and welcome children.


Visit Deal’s Gap Motorcycle Resort if you are bringing your bike with you. This area features the famous Dragon’s Tail with 318 curves in 11 miles. The area features a campground, pub and grill, store and more.


Moonshine Creek Campground features secluded camping at 3,500 feet. The campground features WiFi, heated clean bathhouses and more.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Whether you like history and culture or nature and science, you will be fascinated with what the Great Smoky Mountains have to offer. Learn more about the Southern Appalachian history from the Paleo Indians through early European settlers, loggers and, in the 20th century, the Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees. The park has many preserved historic landscapes, structures and artifacts that show you how people lived through the years.

Nature and science buffs will appreciate the biological diversity the Great Smoky Mountains offers. The park has over 17,000 species of plants, invertebrates and animals. Also, scientists think that there may be up to an additional 80,000 species that live in the area that have not yet been found.

The park is so diverse because of the glaciers, mountain formation and weather over the years. The range forms the border between Tennessee and North Carolina and is over 5,000 feet for 36 miles. Elevations range from 875 to 6,643 feet. The difference in the elevation also plays a part in the diversity of the species that call the Smokies their home. The Smoky Mountains were formed about 200 to 300 million years ago. The Smoky Mountains, because of their location and northeast to southwest orientation, have not been invaded by glaciers or oceans – this allowed species to shelter from the weather and glaciers of 10,000 years ago.

Additionally, you will find about 100 species of native trees. Almost 95 percent of the park is covered with forests, and about 25 percent of that is old growth. If you’re counting, you’ll find over 200 species of birds, 67 native fish species, 66 types of mammals, 43 species of amphibians and 39 varieties of reptiles.

Visit SouthTowne Motors

Before you get ready to go, be sure everything is working fine with your vehicle. Make an appointment with our service department at SouthTowne Motors. Need a new car or truck for your holiday travels? Let SouthTowne Motors help you find the perfect vehicle.

Etowah Indian Mounds


While there are a few warm days left of the season, take a trip to visit the Etowah Indian Mounds. Before you head out, call our service department at SouthTowne Motors for an appointment to have your vehicle maintained or checked; or stop by to test drive a new vehicle if you are ready for something new this fall.

Admission Information

Admission to the Etowah Indian Mounds is $6 for adults, $5 for seniors aged 62 and older, $4 for youth aged 6 to 17 years and $2 for children under 6 years of age. Additionally, youth groups with youths aged 6 to 17 years have reduced admission of $3.50; and bus parking is available for the groups. You must give advanced notice to get the group rate.


The Etowah Indian Mounds site features a gift shop, museum with a film, 20 picnic tables, riverside benches and the six earthen mounds. The site is located at 813 Indian Mounds Road, S.W., Cartersville, Georgia, 30120.

About the Site

The Etowah Indian Mounds site is 54 acres and was home to several thousand Native Americans between 1000 A.D. and 1550 A.D. The site features borrow pits, the village site, a defensive ditch, a plaza and the six earthen mounds.

The museum features artifacts that show how the Native Americans lived and dressed themselves. You’ll see hand-carved stone effigies, items made from seashells, stone and woods, shell beads, and evidence of how the people decorated themselves with paint and complicated hairdos.

You can also follow a trail along the Etowah River where you’ll learn about V-shaped fish traps the Native Americans used and learn how they used trees for medicine and food.

Only nine percent of this site has been excavated, including Mound C and the surrounding artifacts. Mound C is a 63-foot earthen knoll and it was most likely used as a platform for the priest-chief’s home. Excavators found nobility buried in elaborate costumes and with the items they might need in the afterlife in another mound.

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Give us a call at SouthTowne Motors to set up an appointment for service or stop by to test drive a new vehicle before you head out to visit the Etowah Indian Mounds.

De Soto National Monument


Once you’ve picked up your new car from SouthTowne Motors, you’ll be ready to take a road trip. And since this fall seems to be cooler than usual, what better place to road trip to than Florida. Bradenton is home to the De Soto National Monument and is a great place to head to for a long weekend in a brand new car.

About Hernando de Soto

De Soto was born in 1500 in Extermadura, Spain. He spent many years trying to get permission to form an expedition for the New World. After many setbacks, he finally made his expedition to La Florida. He was finally able to leave in May 1539. The expedition eventually cost him his fortune and his life.

Park Information

The Visitor’s Center is open from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. every day. The grounds are open from dawn to dusk; however, the parking lot gates are locked at 5:00 p.m. If your vehicle is locked in, it will have to stay overnight – and may be ticketed. The park does not offer overnight camping, so if you come as part of a road trip, be sure to have reservations at a local hotel.

The De Soto National Memorial is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. During hurricane season – June through November – check the weather as the park may close if a hurricane is imminent.

During the winter season, Camp Uzita is open and staffed. Rangers provide living history programs. For more information about the living history programs, call (941) 792-0458.


De Soto National Memorial is free, though donations are accepted. The donations will be used to help support park operations. Group tours are also free, but groups should register at least 30 days in advance.

If you want to use the park for a special use, there is a fee and permit. You can hold your wedding, a memorial service, arrange for photography and cinematography, hold corporate activities or hold after-hours activities at the park.

When you call, we’ll let you know what the fee is and whether you need a permit. For example, if you want to use the park grounds for a commercial activity, you’ll need an Incidental Business Permit. Research studies also require a permit.

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Preparing for a Road Trip


With fall coming up – and the holidays – you may decide to take a road trip instead of celebrating at home. Before you take a road trip, you should check several things on your SouthTowne Motors Chevrolet or GMC to ensure that you will have a safe trip. You can check many of these things yourself, but some should be checked by your Newnan dealership. Always check the things on the checklist about two weeks before you leave. If you need repairs, you will have time to schedule the service department at the dealer.

Things You Can Check

Check all fluids – make sure you don’t forget anything. Check the oil, antifreeze, power steering fluid, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid. Some vehicles have a transmission dipstick. If yours does, check the transmission fluid. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, you also need to check the clutch master cylinder.

Check the tires. You should have plenty of tread. If the tread is worn more in the center of the tire, your tires have too much air. If the tread is wearing evenly on both sides of the tire, you don’t have enough air in the tires. If the tread is wearing and feathering on one side, you may need an alignment.

Things the Dealership Should Check

Bring your vehicle in to have the dealership check the front and rear brakes and the brake system. While the vehicle is on the lift, the dealership should also check the suspension and for oil leaks. If the service manager recommends suspension work or tells you about an oil leak, you should have those things repaired before your trip. Both things could leave you stranded on the highway. If you have a problem with steering and suspension, it could cause an accident if you don’t repair the problem and it gets worse.

If it is almost time for scheduled maintenance, such as a tune up, timing belt or other maintenance, have that maintenance done before you leave, especially if it is time to change the timing belt. The manufacturer dictates a specific mileage for timing belt changes because it knows how long the belt generally lasts.

If you are not comfortable with checking things yourself, be sure to make an appointment to have your vehicle checked before you leave on a road trip.

Visit SouthTowne Motors

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Visit Savannah this Weekend


Savannah is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world with the largest historic district in the nation. It is rich in history, art, culture and live theater, drawing thousands of visitors each year.

Downtown Savannah’s Historic district was designed by James Edward Oglethrope around a series of town squares that would enable all the residents to come together for social events and everyday interactions. These 22 public squares provide a diversity of history, art and culture, which can be easily traveled. Take a carriage ride and become mesmerized by the hauntingly beautiful Spanish moss-covered canopies of live oaks, one of the city’s most iconic symbols. Or hop aboard one of the cities many tour buses. Either way, you will discover yourself drawn in and never wanting to leave this breathtakingly beautiful town.

River Street is Savannah’s riverfront shopping and dining scene. This old cobbled street is probably one of the most popular attractions for guests. It is a place to enjoy the atmosphere and watch the boats from all over the world navigate into one of the busiest harbors in the USA. Here you can relish the best restaurants and gift shops that Savannah has to offer.

For paranormal enthusiasts, Savannah is also known for being one of the most haunted cities in the world. Homes and buildings sit atop Native American burial grounds and roads cover forgotten graveyards. Over the years, immense bloody battles and disease outbreaks have taken hundreds of lives leaving behind troubled spirits.

Drop by SouthTowne Motors in Newnan

Before you hit the road and head to Savannah, or any other weekend destination, stop in and see us at SouthTowne Motors for service or maintenance, or to see our inventory.

Preparing the Family for a Summer Road Trip


A summer road trip can lead to exciting excursions, but it helps to be prepared to handle whatever the road may bring.

At SouthTowne Motors you’ll have access to an impressive inventory of new and quality pre-owned cars. When you buy from us, you’ll know the history of the car so there’s no mystery and no surprises once you’re on the road. Peace of mind is always good, especially as you take off for unknown adventures.

In preparation of your trip, once the car of your dreams is fueled up and ready to go, here are a few suggestions to help prepare the family for their summer adventure.


  • Make a list of necessary items.
  • Bring a first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, blankets and pillows for naps and in case you need to sleep at a rest stop.
  • Pack a cooler with plenty of liquid refreshments.
  • Bring an assortment of snacks, edible fruit and vegetables for munching time.
  • Make frequent pit stops to refresh yourself, stretch muscles and have a little quiet time.
  • Pack light and only what is needed. Space is limited.


  • Pack interactive games, puzzles and movies.
  • Make the trip exciting with frequent stops to take pictures.
  • Let kids send postcards to friends and family from interesting locations.
  • Have kids keep a journal – either written or by drawing or coloring pictures – of the places visited and scenery and wildlife observed along the route.
  • For older kids, bring their MP3 player, tablet or Kindle reader as an added form of entertainment.
  • Keep everyone involved in the vacation.

Visit SouthTowne Motors in Newnan

Whenever you’re ready to start your summer road trip, or even before, let SouthTowne Motors take care of your purchasing, leasing or rental needs all in one convenient location. You’re sure to find the perfect vehicle for your next summer trip, no matter your destination!

Visit Glacier National Park This Summer


If you are planning a summer road trip, consider driving from Jackson, Wyoming, to Glacier National Park in Montana. Driving from Newnan to Jackson takes about 28 hours if you drive straight through, so plan for extra time to get there and back if you want to make this an epic road trip. Once you start out in Jackson, you’ll see some of the country’s best mountains and wildlife at five national parks. The route from Jackson to Glacier National Park is 600 miles. To get back to Newnan from Glacier National Park, you’ll need to plan for a 33-hour drive.

What to Bring

Be sure to bring binoculars, your camera, hiking shoes and cool-weather clothing along with the things you would normally pack for a summer road trip.

The Trip

Start out with visiting Jenny Lake, which rests in the shadow of the Teton Mountains. In Yellowstone, drive past the Yellowstone Lake; visit Hayden Valley to see buffalo, grizzly bear and elk; and soak in the 100-degree Gardener River, which is two miles north of Mammoth Hot Springs. Be sure to stop in Bozeman to grab a cold drink at the 406 Brewing Company.

Head over to Missoula, but be sure to stop at the Missouri Headwaters State Park. Rent a kayak at Brennan’s Wave, grab some great food at Biga Pizza or stop for a cold drink at the Montgomery Distillery.

Once you hit Whitefish, hike the Whitefish trail and take Highway 2 to the Walton Ranger Station. Hike up to Lake Isabel for some great views. Continue on your way north, stopping at various parks for hiking and biking; birding and to take some great pictures.

The route starts on 89 in Jackson, then picks up 90 in Bozeman and 93 near Missoula. The last part of the journey is on Highway 2 from Whitefish to the Glacier National Park. If you prefer to stay longer in one place, you can skip one of the other parks – but have fun trying to figure out which of these great parks to skip!

Visit SouthTowne Motors Before Hitting the Road

Be sure to have your vehicle serviced before you leave on this long road trip. Stop by SouthTowne Motors before you leave; and since this is a long trip, you may have to have your vehicle serviced when you get back. Watch for your service minders!

Need a new vehicle to get you to all of your summer destinations? Check out SouthTowne Motor’s entire selection of new vehicles online or come drop by in person.