Check Out Cadillac’s Newest Feature

Cadillac has a hot and exciting new feature available only in the 2018 CT6 luxury sedan (for now).

The new system is Cadillac’s cutting edge “Super Cruise” hands-free driving. It’s a semi-autonomous driving system and is being billed as the first true hands-free driving on the freeway.

The sophisticated system uses a variety of technologies working in concert with one another to achieve the semi-autonomous driving experience. Using Lidar, high-res GPS tracking, and a driver monitoring system, Super Cruise allows the car, on certain roads and under particular conditions, to travel significant distances without steering or pedal input from the driver.

Though the driver must still maintain vigilance while the system is working (eyes must remain open and on the road ahead) it frees up a good portion of a driver’s attention and makes the experience akin to riding as a passenger.

The system has some leeway for the driver’s attention. As the driver, you’re able to look away to adjust the radio, pull something from the back seat, or grab something from the center console or glove compartment. If the driver takes too long to return attention back to the road (perhaps they nodded off or are experiencing a medical emergency), the system will first attempt to regain the driver’s attention with seat vibrations, audible warnings, and flashing lights. If that fails to work, the system then ceases to function in an attempt to force the driver to pay attention. If that still doesn’t work, the system will retake control and attempt to coast the vehicle to a safe stop, put on emergency lights, and contact 911.

Under the right conditions and with proper driver use, the system can handle normal road conditions without any direct input from the driver, taking you to the store, along your morning commute, or even to another city for a road trip.

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