Check Out This Multi-Million Dollar Garage

Now there are just some things that go beyond imagination and excess. The garage and the cars contained there in are perfect examples of this. We’ve all seen our fair share of garages. As far as mine goes, it’s not too big, not to small and has a pretty typical array of clutter, from tools, to golf clubs, to bikes. For most Americans, their garage is nothing more than a modest place to house our GM cars, trucks and SUVS.

That’s not the case for those who have a passion for cars and the money to build enclosures that rival some of the most extravagant homes this Atlanta Car dealer has ever seen. Check out the video below. Forget that each car in this garage is in the 7 digit price range, but the space itself, though an extravagant multi-million dollar garage, is a marvel of ingenuity, design and imagination.

So what did you think? Were you more impressed by the cars or the garage itself? I thought the rotating platform and the touch screen information system were particularly awesome. How about you guys? Does seeing something like this inspire or make you sick to your stomach that so much money can be spent on a facility such as this. What about the cars? A guy has to have a hobby, right? At least he didn’t forget about his wife by getting those $7,500 Bugatti inspired pumps. Guys, don’t let your wives, or girlfriends watch this video, this Atlanta GM dealer doesn’t take responsibility for what they may ask for the next time you buy something.

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