Chevy Bolts Available Nationwide Beginning This Fall

While GM began selling its award-winning electric Chevy Bolt near the end of last year in a couple of states and later rolled out more in spring of 2017, the vehicle hasn’t been widely available quite yet. This is set to finally change in August when the Chevy Bolt will fully roll out nationwide.

This is actually a bit earlier than what GM had planned originally. Initial projections were saying that the car wouldn’t be available widely until September. Dealerships have been allowed to start placing orders so that they’ll have inventory by the time they go on sale in August.

The first Bolt was delivered to the first customer back in December, with sales that expanded to about half a dozen additional states later in the spring of 2017. This controlled rollout has helped to control the supply and demand for the vehicle at levels that are beneficial to consumers.

The main draw of the Bolt is its cheap cost: only $30,000 after a federal tax credit. This is significantly cheaper than the Tesla Model 3, which won’t go on sale until sometime in 2018.

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