December Service Specials

SouthTowne Motors in Newnan understands that during the holiday, we all need a little extra help where we can get it. Especially when it comes to stretching our money. If you are in need of any services or parts during the season, visit their friendly service department at any time for some great deals.

No one likes the dreaded check engine light. Well, never fear. SouthTowne is here. They will run a free diagnostic check on your vehicle to see what the problem might be. They test the system for any fault codes and analyze the data flow. After they are finished diagnosing the problem, they reset the system and clear any old codes. They then discuss the issues with you before proceeding to correct them.

Oil changes can cost a lot, especially if you have an engine that takes synthetic oil. Fortunately, there is a handy $5 off coupon on their website under the service tab. This coupon entitles you to an oil change where they drain the old oil, change the filter and replace it with up to five quarts of synthetic blend oil. They do charge a bit more for diesel but still service them just the same.

If you are in the market for some new tires, SouthTowne is your place. When you purchase a new complete set of tires, they will also mount and balance them for free. This way you save money on labor which can get costly. This applies to conventional tires only. Any other additional type of tire has an extra cost.

During the winter, you want to make sure your brakes are working properly. If you have starting hearing grinding or your brakes are feeling sluggish, bring your vehicle in for a free brake inspection. They will inspect them for friction material, caliper operation, check the drums, rotors, hoses and even the connections. They will even check that your parking brake isn’t damaged and works like it should. There is no better way to make sure you are safe on the road than with a free brake system check-up.

So when you need service, keep SouthTowne Motors in mind. We don’t just sell great new and used cars. We have an outstanding service department, too.

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