Decorating Your Vehicle for Halloween

A lot of people focus on decorating just their homes for Halloween, but more and more people are coming up with creative ways to spread the holiday chills, and decorating your car is just the way to show your Halloween spirit.

Your options are limitless and picking a great theme is a good start to getting you on your way. For an example, if you choose a witches theme, you can decorate with things like broomsticks, cauldrons, and witches hats. Do something scary like dressing up a fake skeleton in witch’s clothing and placing them in the backseat or passenger seat while you are out driving.

Remember, whatever theme you choose, it’s important to keep your decorations properly coordinated with the theme you’re using. If your theme is vampires, consider placing fang decals on your vehicle’s nose or grille. Purchasing decals are easy and effortless to apply. You can find these located at your local craft stores, other department stores, and online. Pick appropriately sized decorations that fit your car’s size. Don’t forget to utilize all the space your car has to offer. Once you’ve picked the theme, get ready to decorate.

Grave Yard On Wheels is a great Halloween theme if you have a Chevy truck. Utilize the space in the back of your truck by adding coffins. Pick up some fake spider webbing, fake spiders, bones, skulls and skeletons. Have fun with this one by covering as much as you can on the coffins and inside of the car with spider webs. Then add the creepy, crawly spiders to it. You can scatter bones in the truck bed to give it a grave yard effect. Next, strap in your skeleton passenger and you’re ready to go.

If you’re going to a church event for trunk-or-treating, make sure to set up props both in and around your vehicle. You can use a thumb tack to place hanging ghosts from your cars ceiling. Pick up some green colored silly string and that can be used goblin snot or slime. All the little details add up for a great outcome. Don’t forget to include the music. Use your cars stereo to play Halloween music such as “Thriller” or “The Monster Mash.”

We hope you enjoy this festive holiday. Have a safe and fun time from SouthTowne Motors.

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