Do You Have An Oil Leak In Your Atlanta Car

Diagnosing an oil leak in your Atlanta GM vehicle can be as easy as seeing an oil spot beneath your car or can be so difficult it can only be found by an expert inspector. You may, in fact, have an oil leak right now and not know it. Add to that the fact that there are a few different places that oil can leak from, some not as obvious as the others.

The point is, are you 100% sure your car isn’t leaking oil right now? Look under your car at the oil pan. Does it look wet? Could be an oil plug leak. Take of the oil pan and look around the oil filter? Look clean? Look again. The point is, that I’ll bet that all of our engines should be checked soon.

Think you have an oil leak? You’ll want to get that fixed as soon as possible. Call over to your Atlanta GM Dealer and schedule an appointment to have your engine fixed. Ignoring an existing oil leak could cause severe problems faster than you may think.

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