Driving Drunk Effects Everyone

Your Atlanta Chevrolet dealer wants to remind you that if you are thinking about having one (or more) drinks before you get in your car, don’t do it. Skip it, you not only don’t need it, but you can’t afford it – both the monetary, mental and possibly the physical consequences of drinking and driving.

The video below is the story of Chris Marcone whose life was changed one evening when he got behind the wheel of his car after drinking. Chris’s father tells the story in the hopes to help other people avoid the same mistakes and the pain that he has experienced. Every parent and young driver needs to see this video. It wasn’t just Chris’ life that was changed, but also his family’s, as well as the innocent family whose lives were forever changed by his irresponsibility.

Remember, it’s not just your life you can affect when you drink and drive, but also everyone else you share the road with as well. Regardless if you don’t get in an accident, or get pulled over, you are still making a bad decision. Just one bad decision can ruin a lot of lives forever.  Remember this the next time you decide to have “just one more”. Your Atlanta GM dealer doesn’t want anything to happen to any of you, but if you choose to drive while intoxicated, you’ll also have deal with the consequences.

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