Driving Safety Tips


Many people get in their vehicles, turn the key and go, and don’t think about driving safety other than not texting while driving and wearing their seatbelts. However, there is more that you can do to be sure you are safe while you are on the road, including getting your car checked frequently and keeping up with maintenance at SouthTowne Motors.

  • Follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule religiously. When you take your vehicle in for service, the service technician checks belts, hoses, brakes, suspension, steering, fluids and tires when you bring your vehicle in. This could save you from getting stranded, plus it could save you from getting into an accident when something breaks.
  • Keep safety equipment in your vehicle. Always carry a camera if you don’t have one on your cell phone. If you don’t have a cell phone and have never considered getting one, buy an inexpensive phone with pay per minute. This way, if you do get stranded, you have a way to call someone without walking to a phone.

You should also keep a blanket in your car, especially if you live in an area where it gets cold. If you have to wait a couple hours for a tow truck in 30-degree weather, this could save you.

Flares and a flashlight with good batteries are also important things to keep in your vehicle.

Check your spare tire at least once per month to make sure it is holding air. Make sure the jack and other equipment needed to change the tire is in the vehicle. You can easily change your own tire on the road, rather than waiting for a tow truck or having the vehicle towed.

While you are out driving, there are several things to look out for, especially other drivers making mistakes. While you may be careful and not expect to get into an accident, someone could switch lanes without seeing you or cut you off if he or she runs a red light. You should also keep an eye out for motorcycles and pedestrians. Both are difficult to see while you are driving, especially at dusk and after dark.

Stop by SouthTowne Motors to test drive a car or to get your car serviced.

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