Engine Overheating; Diagnose Your Issue

The cooling system in your Buick, GMC, Cadillac and Chevy‘s engine is one of the most important components to having an operational engine. The bottom line is that heat destroys everything. In an engine, a cooling system is used to limit wear and tear caused by the extreme heat generated by the fuel combustion and friction. There are a bunch of different places that will need to be checked if your engine is overheating. You could have a leak, you may need a flush, you could have a hole in the radiator.

I thought this was a great video. We usually get a lot of customers who are having similar issues and the video below and see if you can pin point your issue.

Now, there are some jobs that we can do ourselves at home, oil changes and stuff like that, but dealing with a leaking cooling system can be a tricky venture. Performing maintenance yourself, while admirable, might not be a good idea if you haven’t don’t it in the past. The cooling system components can be relatively delicate in relation to some of the other parts of the engine. An example are the thin walls of the radiator itself. We’d recommend that you bring it in and have our professional GM mechanics take a look at it.

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