Etowah Indian Mounds


While there are a few warm days left of the season, take a trip to visit the Etowah Indian Mounds. Before you head out, call our service department at SouthTowne Motors for an appointment to have your vehicle maintained or checked; or stop by to test drive a new vehicle if you are ready for something new this fall.

Admission Information

Admission to the Etowah Indian Mounds is $6 for adults, $5 for seniors aged 62 and older, $4 for youth aged 6 to 17 years and $2 for children under 6 years of age. Additionally, youth groups with youths aged 6 to 17 years have reduced admission of $3.50; and bus parking is available for the groups. You must give advanced notice to get the group rate.


The Etowah Indian Mounds site features a gift shop, museum with a film, 20 picnic tables, riverside benches and the six earthen mounds. The site is located at 813 Indian Mounds Road, S.W., Cartersville, Georgia, 30120.

About the Site

The Etowah Indian Mounds site is 54 acres and was home to several thousand Native Americans between 1000 A.D. and 1550 A.D. The site features borrow pits, the village site, a defensive ditch, a plaza and the six earthen mounds.

The museum features artifacts that show how the Native Americans lived and dressed themselves. You’ll see hand-carved stone effigies, items made from seashells, stone and woods, shell beads, and evidence of how the people decorated themselves with paint and complicated hairdos.

You can also follow a trail along the Etowah River where you’ll learn about V-shaped fish traps the Native Americans used and learn how they used trees for medicine and food.

Only nine percent of this site has been excavated, including Mound C and the surrounding artifacts. Mound C is a 63-foot earthen knoll and it was most likely used as a platform for the priest-chief’s home. Excavators found nobility buried in elaborate costumes and with the items they might need in the afterlife in another mound.

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Give us a call at SouthTowne Motors to set up an appointment for service or stop by to test drive a new vehicle before you head out to visit the Etowah Indian Mounds.

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