February Events in Newnan and Atlanta

Atlanta 24-27 Feb 2010

Photo by David (Flickr Creative Commons)

The month of February holds many events and activities in the great city of Newnan. If you are looking for something different, fun and family-oriented, check out these fantastic happenings. Most of them are in or around the Newnan area and easy to get to with your Southtowne Chevrolet.

Every Friday night, join dozens as they compete in a karaoke contest at the Oasis Bar and Grill. This contest will take place over four Friday nights during February. The final 3 singers will perform February 28 for the Grand Finale. There will be giveaways, cash prizes, and lots more. The music selection is varied and has old, new, and everything in between. So bring your family and your best singing voice and have fun.

On February 9, delight in the musical performance of Tchaikovsky Discovers America!, presented by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. This story is based on actual events that took place when Tchaikovsky, a famous composer, arrived in New York and shares his adventures. Watch as he makes his way to Niagara Falls and listen to two dozen excerpts from his musical collection. The actors portray different stories in his life throughout the duration of both performances. There is a 1:30pm show and a 3:30pm show. Tickets range from $15 to $20.

If you want a good, heart-warming story, catch the play Making God Laugh at the Art Station. This play spans the course of a family’s life through four different holidays. Each holiday is set 10 years apart. It begins with Thanksgiving in 1980 and ends at Easter in 2010. The children in the show have grown middle age and no one’s life has gone the way they expected it. They reflect on traditions and talk about old tensions. It is quite the adventure and light-hearted play. There is more than one time to catch this performance. It will run from February 20 until March 9. Tickets range in price from $15 to $25.

For more events around you, just hop in your car or truck from Southtowne Motors and hit the streets. There is always something to do around the city of Atlanta. Before heading too far away, make sure your precious investment is services and ready for the drive. See our stunning and knowledgeable staff in our service department for more information.

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