Find New Roads

Rumored for almost a year now, Chevy has announced they will be changing their old slogan of ‘Chevy Runs Deep’ that was created in 2010 to ‘Find New Roads.’ The original motto was envisioned to help consumers reconnect to Chevrolet by preserving a brand with solid American roots during their bankruptcy scare. The company has confirmed that it would be winding down the Chevy Runs Deep slogan in early February. Not only did the Chevy Runs Deep slogan not resonate well with consumers, GM’s marketing has had trouble translating the Chevy Runs Deep motto in many foreign markets.

This new slogan will help push the brand towards a more global audience. It is intended to reflect all of Chevrolet’s commitment to innovation and worldwide growth. According to recent statements from GM, the new slogan will be used in upcoming advertisements that will be shown around the world. Automakers will begin to develop cars for sale in over 140 different markets.

The real question boils down to whether or not “Find New Roads” sends a more appealing message to consumers not only in America, but internationally? Automakers are depending on the new marketing slogan to help with the largest new vehicle offensive in ages. The company will be introducing a plethora of new automobiles in the U.S. and 12 in different areas from around the globe. This is particularly significant for new vehicles like the Impala sedan that will be hitting the showrooms this quarter.

The newest commercial for Find New Roads was released on YouTube just recently. It introduces five commercials in one which showcase just as many vehicles; the new Chevy Spark, Volt, Impala, Sonic, and Corvette.

This finished commercial is a blend of five different styles, moods, songs, and stories. Each story was precisely developed with a specific mood for each vehicle. This commercial is intended to allow your imagination to run wild, mixing well with their new motto ‘Find New Roads’. Placing each of these vehicles in their own unique world helps to create an iconic image and for consumers to relate to each of the cars mentioned.

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