Fort Frederica National Park


Plan a trip to Fort Frederica National Park to enjoy a picnic and the history of the area. What is now Georgia was once land that separated Spanish Florida and British South Carolina – and there was always conflict. Before you head out, be sure to have our vehicle serviced at SouthTowne Motors or test drive a new car to take home with you so you can go on road trips with that new car smell.

James Olethorpe established Fort Frederica in 1736 to protect the new colony of Georgia’s southern border from the Spanish in Florida. The conflict went back centuries to an old imperial conflict between Britain and Spain, and it was carried to the new colonies. More colonists from Scotland, England and Germanic states came over to Georgia to support the fort, which was named for Frederick Louis, the Prince of Wales from 1702 to 1754. The military outpost featured the fort and a town.

Eventually, the British conquered the Spanish in 1742. The War of Jenkins’ Ear took place on St. Simons Island. A battle at “Bloody Marsh,” was won by the British, though it did take the Spanish seven days to retreat.

Once the war was over, the fort was no longer needed and the 42nd Regiment of Foot – Frederica’s Garrison – was disbanded. Eventually, the town declined. The archeological remains of the town, the fort and the battle site are protected by the National Park Service.

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